Demo Reel Video

Work and Contribution

High Dynamic Range (HDR) Imaging

An official project for Kuala Lumpur International Airport

Creative Advertising Clientele

Collaboration with Leo Burnett, DDB, Saatchi & Saatchi Arachnid

Digital Imaging (DI) and Web Interaction

ObjectVR 360 product online website interaction

Quality Ingredient Story, by McDonald's

A creative project collaboration with NagaDDB

McDonald's Japan (ft SEO Sarah Casanova)

MyStory creative project with McDonald's Corporation

Editorial Production

Concept planning, imaging production and creative output

High-end Product Imaging

Image reproduction of high resolution commercial product

HDR for Architectural Imaging

HDR and panorama computational photography R&D

TEDx Contribution: VR and AR for Good

Presentation on recent development of AR and VR

SIGGRAPH Asia Mobile Graphics and Interactive Applications

On-going Research: HDR Spherical Panorama

Creative Direction, BASF

Corporate Communications Projects Development

MOOC (e-learning)

Massive Open Online Courses Development and Facilitation

Speed Level Design

Emerging media and exhibition technique

VR user experience for medical conference - Servier

SteamVR corporate solutions

Aerial 360 Customization

360 content creation for corporate event launching

Virtual Reality 360 Interactive Panorama

High fidelity 360 image content reproduction and research